Winter Survival Training

Join us for two nights and three days of exciting training in the Colorado mountains!

This is one of the most difficult survival courses that you are allowed to attend and students should be prepared to train hard. After instructions have been given and techniques have been demonstrated and practiced, students will be dropped into cold water and the training will intensify. This course is designed to teach you how to survive where others have perished, as well as how to get to safety so you can continue with your life and mission.

SOLO Colorado Winter Survival Training course topics include: Cold/Freezing Injury Prevention and Treatment, Maintaining Homeostasis, Improvised Shelter Building, Improvised Fire Starting, Water Purification, Map & Compass/GPS/Improvised Navigation, Finding and Negotiating with a Fixer, Interactions with Hostile or Friendly Third Parties, Wild Edibles, Making Snowshoes and Personal Protection, (Ground to Air) Signaling for Rescue, Escape Methodology, Bushcraft and other Improvised Techniques. A Wilderness EMT will be on site at all times.

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