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World leaders like Yale University, American Red Cross, AVA Rafting and Colorado Parks and Wildlife Officers choose SOLO again and again for Team Building, Leadership Development, Safety Certifications and Risk Management.

100% Guaranteed. If you don’t love it, you don’t pay.

Since 1976, SOLO courses have been taught around the world to diverse groups of students from colleges and universities, outfitters and guide services, AmeriCorps, Sierra Club, fire departments, search and rescue teams and more. 

Our Medical Director and Founder (Dr. Frank Hubbell) was recognized with the Wilderness Medical Society’s Education Award in 2018, and our Instructors have real-world teaching, leadership, and emergency management skills.

REGARDING COVID19: SOLO Colorado is designated as an essential business and is authorized to operate according to The President’s official guidance and Colorado Governor Polis’ order.

  1. We provide ‘Healthcare Security Services’ to the State of Colorado
  2. We deliver ‘Critical Services Necessary to Maintain Safety’ to ‘Emergency Managers and Responders’
  3. We support ‘Critical Government Functions’ specifically ‘Emergency Response’ and ‘Emergency Medical Training to First Responders’ who are desperately in need
  4. As ‘Healthcare Industry’ educators, we have a ‘Special Responsibility to maintain our normal work schedule’

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance, students will sit more than six feet apart, and training will be conducted outdoors in a remote environment – away from populated areas. During hands-on and scenario training, students will wear full personal protective equipment (PPE).

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“John was an outstanding instructor: knowledgeable, personable and excellent instructional skills.  A very effective instructor.”

     -Colonel Kim H.

“Lots of good practice.  Enthusiastic and interesting instructor.”

     -Dr. Tim B.

“John was positive, engaging and a great teacher.  Great balance of hands on scenarios and classroom content.  One of the best training courses I’ve been a part of.”

      -Luke T.

“John is an excellent instructor that provided an inclusive, non-threatening learning environment.”

     -Abigail T.

“Awesome. Motivator!”

     -Lt. Col. Ollie S.

“Inclusive and comfortable even for an inexperienced outdoorsperson.  John was great- engaging, knowledgeable, high energy, enthusiastic.”

     -Professor Ryan S.

“Instructor was incredible, high-energy, Bear Grylls.”

     -Erich W.

“Learned a lot more than I thought I would.  Learned how to stay safe and keep others safe and how to treat them if injured.  Excellent, engaged, enthusiastic instructor.”

     -Nate B.

“Fun teacher – actually learned. “

     -Jessica B.

“I was not expecting this to be so hands-on and exciting each day.  Very useful/ practical.  Honestly, I don’t want it to end.  John was extremely knowledgeable and engaging as well as super encouraging!”

     -Rees H.

“Absolutely a necessity for anyone who loves the outdoors.”

     -Glory J.

“I enjoyed the course much more than I expected.  The instructor made the material easy to learn, and gave everyone the attention they needed.”

     -Zahava F.

“John exceeded all expectations.  It was fun, informative and equipped me to serve customers well.”

     -Jamison B.

“There were very involved scenarios and good instruction before them.  The instructor was helpful with lectures and gave us a chance to figure things out.”

     -Jesse O.

“John is a freaking legend and did awesome scenarios.  Again, John is a  LEGEND.  Amazing.”

     -MacyAnn C.

“I learned A TON of stuff that will be useful…”

     -Hayley I.

“Exceeded my expectation by a long shot.  The scenarios were impactful and got the point across.  John was a great instructor and made the class fly by.”

     -Jomar V.

“Plenty of academic/scenario.  John is really good with the material and teaching in all aspects of the course.  John was the best SOLO Instructor I’ve had.”

     -Tony H.

“Excellent instructor.  Fun and experienced, very respectful and open to input/feedback.  Very good at engaging the class, very energetic.”

     -Melissa B.

“Very hands on and real-world applicable.  Great stories and examples to show us how this all fits together.”

     -Maureen W.

“Clear lessons, engaging classroom environment.  Instructor was fantastic – good energy and easy teaching.”

     -Lois M.


     -Laura K.

“It was a great course.  Good instructor, good lessons.  He has a lot of knowledge.”

     -Bar C.

“The hands on application and scenarios were super helpful.  Instructor was excellent. Passionate and able to communicate the information very well.  I would take more classes from SOLO.”

     -Cammie M.

“John was challenging and kept my attention.”

     -Dylan S.

“I learned so much in a short period of time.  The hands on learning was very helpful.  Great instructor – very clear and enthusiastic.”

     -Ben C.

“John- amazing.  Perfect!  He is very professional.”


“Live scenarios and active learning!  John was amazing!  He was always energetic, encouraging and helpful.”

     -Scout C.

“It informed me well.  Instructor was awesome.”

     -Spencer L.

“Hands-on, engaging.  John was knowledgeable and fun,  Great instructor.”

     -Kenna L.

“Instructor was very informed and very thorough.”

     -Jerod C.

“Instructors were very knowledgeable and trustworthy, able to answer all questions and provide help and support.”

     -Abigail M.

“Very informative and very well organized.”

     -McCoy W.

“Very engaging, informative and knows his stuff.”

     -Madison R.

“John was amazing and entertaining and taught us so much.”

     -Keith M.

“John was very hands-on and very practical.”

     -Sam W.

“It went far beyond my expectations!  John was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the information while also being approachable and appreciative of class participation.  Solid balance of real-life scenarios, applicable knowledge/advice and professionalism!”

     -Emily W.

“Awesome!  Very engaging, hands-on.”

     -Susanna L.

“Instructor was outstanding.  Made course real with personal experience.”

     -Travis P.

“Very fun and informative.”

     -Mac C.

“Instructor was very detailed, thorough and knowledgeable.”

     -Giuseppe I.

“Great hands-on experience”

     -Parker Y.

“Great!  Clear teaching, interactive with students, willing to answer questions, shared personal stories and experiences.”

     -Lauren T.

“I was into it the whole time – focused.  It was freakin’ awesome and taught me great.”

     -Winston E.

“John is a knowledgeable and  engaging teacher.”

     -Christian F.


     -Jasmine I.

“Scenarios were very hands-on and helpful, as well as splint making.  Good group work.  Passionate instructor with good stories and videos for examples.  Instructor was great!  Nice, receptive to questions, funny, thorough.”

     -Rachel W.

“It was very informative, entertaining/engaging, and hands on.  Instructor was friendly and knowledgeable.”

     -Jeremiah K.


     -Jack O.

“Engaging instructor that keeps you attentive for 6 hours!”

     -Kaitlin M.

“John was a stand up guy, great instructor.”

     -Dillon C.

“The course was even better than expected.  Very clear instruction, fun activities, excited and engaging instructor.”

     -Nic A.

“Very fun.”

     -Ben D.

“Hands-on, interactive, educational.   It’s great!  Great Instructor- exceptional, energetic, engaging.”

     -Blair N.

“John was very engaging and we had lots of hands-on simulations.  It was great!”

     -Marah B.

“Lots of hands-on experience and methods that let us actually learn.  Instructor knew his stuff – fun to learn under.”

     -Scott M.

“Scenarios were very helpful.  John was an excellent instructor!”

     -Scott S.

“Very good!  Explained things very professionally.”

     -Nitzan I.

“Good/engaging/informative instructor.  Thoroughly impressed.”

     -Gabriel M.

“The scenarios are helpful and the teacher engaged the class.”

     -Marc N.

“All things were taught well and respectfully.  Two of the best instructors I have ever had.”

     -Franki W.

“I learned more about the body and its functions/general anatomy than I was expecting.”

     -Ian W.

“Real application.  Funny, engaging, knowledgeable.”

     -Jack H.

“Both instructors were incredibly respectful, clear, helpful and engaging.  They were professional in the way they taught and spoke, yet allowed their humor and personality to allow the class to be all the more enjoyable.”

     -Raelene W.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I definitely learned more than I thought I would.  I liked everything, especially the different ways the info was presented.”

     -Abby M.

“Instructor was lively, kind, informative.  Good teacher.”

     -Nicholas H.

“John is a great teacher who has real world experience.  A good amount of scenarios.  John is personable and communicates clearly.”

     -Kellen W.

“Effective, clear, great.”

     -Pierce R.

“I enjoyed it and feel like I learned a lot!  The instructors were interacting and told stories and let the class participate a lot!  Great teachers that had a lot of knowledge.”

     -Natalie L.

“John is really cool.  Very engaging.”

     -Maddi M.

“Exceeded expectations.  Awesome instructor.  Material easy to learn – Awesome and positive.”

     -Matthew B.

“Engaging instructors, information thoroughly reviewed.  They were great.”

     -Dianna G.

“The instructor delivered the messages as well. Very practical and useful information.  Excellent instructor, explained everything as well even he didn’t know Hebrew so much.”

     -Bar A.

“John knows his stuff front and back, he is passionate.  Amazing 10/10.”

     -Katherine P.

“Above and beyond.  Very entertaining and engaging – explained the WHY of everything which was very helpful, lots of practical application and real stories/experience.”

     -Anna N.

“They made sure we understood what we were learning, and answered all our questions without complaint or ridicule.  I thought they were great!”

     -Julie K.

“Instructor was very engaging.  Awesome.”

     -Emily G.

“All beneficial – everything was great.  Instructor was a great guy and great teacher.”

     -Weston L.

“John was amazing teacher.  It was really interesting.  Professional.”

     -Einav G.

“Instructor was very engaging.  Great teaching, fun to talk with.”

     -Dalton C.

“John was an excellent teacher and very clear in the explanations.  Very good and entertaining while also being very professional.”

     -Sarah E.

“Learned a lot, relearned a lot, had a lot of practicing.  John was awesome, love the real life stories.”


“Amazing!!  Funny, professional.”

     -Gal S.

“10/10 very knowledgeable!”

     -Lizzy S.

“John is the best.  You know why?  Because John he is the best!  I think that is important to know and interesting and I very love him!  John is the best!!”

     -Shilat D.

Thank you to our previous students for all of the positive reviews!  We will continue to offer an evaluation form at the end of every course.